Which will offer better returns in 2024?

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Rebel Satoshi’s RBLZ holders expect pronounced price surges as SOL is poised to surpass the $300 mark. NEAR bulls expect rallies over $10.


Crypto enthusiasts single out Solana, NEAR Protocol, and Rebel Satoshi (RBLZ) as the most lucrative investment opportunities in 2024. Let’s explore which token could achieve the highest surge in the upcoming term and try to detect the best cryptocurrency to invest in today.   

Could Solana hit a new record high?

Several crypto experts have suggested SOL as the best coin to invest in today based on Solana’s impressive ranking by market capitalization and the token’s excellent performance in the preceding term. While SOL managed to reach as high as $204 on April 1, bulls claim that Solana is poised to exceed its all-time high of $259 in the upcoming term and trade above the $300 threshold by the end of the year.

Analysts point to the increased popularity of Solana-based meme coins such as SLERF and MEW as another factor behind this bullish SOL price prediction.

However, bears expect rapid drops in the upcoming term due to Solana’s rising selling pressure. For example, Whale Alert stated in an X post on April 1 that an anonymous whale had transferred as many as 800,000 SOL tokens into Coinbase. Thus, some analysts believe Solana holders should brace for corrections toward the $90 range by the end of December.

NEAR Protocol aims for the $10 level

NEAR Protocol bulls praise NEAR as the top crypto to buy in 2024 due to its excellent growth potential and the platform’s significant development activity. For example, the NEAR Foundation announced on March 27 that NEAR Protocol had enabled chain signature support.

As for the latest NEAR Protocol price forecast, NEAR could increase above the $10 mark by the end of 2024. NEAR traded around the $6.50 level during the first week of April, meaning that NEAR Protocol holders could obtain more than 53.84% gains.

On the other hand, some experts have opted for a negative NEAR Protocol price prediction based on NEAR’s inability to deliver valuable short-term gains. According to NEAR Protocol bears, NEAR is set to decrease toward the $4.50 threshold by the year’s close.

RBLZ poised to defeat competitors 

Rebel Satoshi is a meme coin project that provides various exclusive rewards for the participants in its two-token ecosystem. Thus, the amazing RBLZ token brings voting rights for important decisions in the Rebel Satoshi community and many additional benefits, such as Rebel Satoshi’s governance and membership token.

For example, RBLZ adopters gain massive staking rewards and early bird access to NFT collections. However, RBLZ also brings discounts on Rebel Satoshi merch and access to token-burning events.

On top of all that, RBLZ managed to raise more than $2.5 million during the presale and arrived on the Uniswap DEX on March 4. RBLZ is set to increase exponentially in the forthcoming term, as its current price figure of $0.025 denotes a noteworthy 150% increase from the initial $0.010. Thus, RBLZ has received attention as the best crypto investment in 2024 on the strength of its unrivalled future potential.

Meanwhile, the powerful RECQ token is available for only $0.0037, so Stage 1 adopters can expect fantastic 237.83% gains when the token hits the $0.0125 target by the end of the presale. In addition, RECQ serves as Rebel Satoshi’s base currency for various everyday transactions and provides exclusive access to the incredible Rebel Satoshi Arcade.

RBLZ has the potential to outshine SOL and NEAR and become the leader of the decentralized revolution.

To learn more about this project, visit the Rebel Satoshi website or join the community 

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