Vistara Flight Cancellation: Tata Group airline apologises to flyers, says operations to stabilise by weekend

Vistara Flight Cancellation: In light of flight cancellations and pilot dissatisfaction, Tata Group airline Vistara issued a statement on Friday, April 5, stating it acknowledged that the recent experience of its customers fell short of the standards and it “sincerely apologised” for it.

In the statement, Vistara said that the airline suffered significant number of flight cancellations and delays owing to various operational reasons and due to high utilisation of resources.


Taking stock of the situation, the airline stated that there is limited room to cope with contingencies and it is addressing the issues on a war footing.

Talking about the steps taken to contain the fligth cancellation, it stated that it has, firstly, temporarily reduced the number of flights operated, and, secondly,
deployed larger aircraft like B787-9 DreamlinerTM and A321neo on select domestic routes — deploying widebody aircraft to accommodate more customers, wherever possible. 

The airline said that it is reaching out to all customers affected by the delays and cancellations over the last weekend, and offering relevant refunds and compensation.

Informing that the situation has already improved, Vistara stated that its on-time performance has increased to over 80 per cent for the last two days. And the airline hopes to stabilise operations for the rest of April, 2024 by this weekend.


Vistara cancellations

The airline saw a slew of flight cancellations as pilots reported sick and did not report for duty. Later, on Thursday, two pilots’ unions said that the problems raised by Vistara pilots are not isolated but rather indicative of systemic issues across Tata Group aviation entities. 

In a detailed letter to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran, the Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPI) and Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG) urged the company to engage in a constructive dialogue with the pilot community.

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