Three things we learned about AI from EmTech Digital London

Join us for EmTech Digital at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 22-23, 2024. I’ll be there—join me! 

Our fantastic speakers include Nick Clegg, president of global affairs at Meta, who will talk about elections and AI-generated misinformation. We also have the OpenAI researchers who built the video-generation AI Sora, sharing their vision on how generative AI will change Hollywood. Then Max Tegmark, the MIT professor who wrote an open letter last year calling for a pause on AI development, will take stock of what has happened and discuss how to make powerful systems more safe. We also have a bunch of top scientists from the labs at Google, OpenAI, AWS, MIT, Nvidia and more. 


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I hope to see you there!

Deeper Learning

Researchers taught robots to run. Now they’re teaching them to walk.

Researchers at Oregon State University have successfully trained a humanoid robot called Digit V3 to stand, walk, pick up a box, and move it from one location to another. Meanwhile, a separate group of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, have focused on teaching Digit to walk in unfamiliar environments while carrying different loads, without toppling over. 

What’s the big deal: Both groups are using an AI technique called sim-to-real reinforcement learning, a burgeoning method of training two-legged robots like Digit. Researchers believe it will lead to more robust, reliable two-legged machines capable of interacting with their surroundings more safely—as well as learning much more quickly. Read more from Rhiannon Williams

Bits and Bytes

It’s time to retire the term “user”
The proliferation of AI means we need a new word. Tools we once called AI bots have been assigned lofty titles like “copilot,” “assistant,” and “collaborator” to convey a sense of partnership instead of a sense of automation. But if AI is now a partner, then what are we? (MIT Technology Review

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