This flexi-cap fund has given over 65% return in 1 year, 30% in 3 years; check out the details

Mutual funds 2024: The systematic investment plan (SIP) inflows hit an all-time high in March 2024, reaching Rs 19,271 crore, according to data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). This robust influx of investments indicates a paradigm shift where Indians are transitioning from a nation of savers to one of investors, marking a profound evolution in the country’s financial ecosystem. However, the latest flow was 16 per cent lower compared to an infusion of Rs 26,866 crore seen in February. 

Market expert Ajay Bagga commented on the record SIP numbers, describing them as a manifestation of a mega-trend reshaping India’s investment landscape. Bagga highlighted a transformative shift from traditional savings to disciplined and regular investing, fostering a virtuous cycle of wealth creation and investment influx.


Swarup Anand Mohanty, Vice Chairman and CEO of Mirae Asset Investment Managers, said that SIP empowers young investors with financial discipline. The consistent surge in SIP flows, surpassing Rs. 19,000 crore for the second consecutive month, signals a promising trajectory. “I anticipate this momentum propelling us to achieve a milestone of Rs. 25,000 crore by the end of 2024,” Mohanty added. 

While till February, equity inflows predominantly favoured mid- and small-cap funds, “we have seen a slight halt in March. Many investors gravitate towards small-cap funds, driven by high return prospects; however, a disproportionate allocation to such funds can be risky in the long run. I hope for a shift towards balanced allocations, like the usual flexicap, largecaps, etc., urging investors with significant exposure to smallcap funds to consider rebalancing,” the fund manager added. 

Given this, one flexi-cap fund that has rewarded investors with impressive returns is Quant Flexi-Cap Fund Direct Growth. The fund has given over 33 per cent returns in three years and nearly 66 per cent in one year. 

Return Calculator 

As per the calculation by financial services platform Groww, Rs 20,000 invested via monthly SIP in the said fund would have become Rs 33,164 (up 65.82 per cent) in one year, Rs 47,479 (up 137.39 per cent) in three years, and Rs 79,998 (up 299.98 per cent) in five years.

Fund NAV, size and minimum SIP amount

The fund’s NAV (net asset value) as of April 10, 2024 is Rs 107.61. NAV per unit is the market value of securities in a scheme divided by the total number of units in the scheme on a given date. The fund size is Rs 4,616 crore, and the minimum SIP amount is Rs 1,000. 

Top constituents of Quant Flexi Cap Fund Direct-Growth

The top holdings of the fund are Reliance Industries (9.78 per cent), Jio Financial Services (5.38 per cent), Swan Energy (5.01 per cent), HUDCO (4.07 per cent), Adani Power (4.05 per cent), L&T (3.90 per cent), Biocon (3.73 per cent), Britannia (3.16 per cent), LIC (2.85 per cent), Hindalco (2.64 per cent). 

Other holdings are SAIL, GMR Airports, and RBL Bank, among others. 

Expense ratio

The expense ratio is 0.68 per cent, inclusive of GST. The exit load is 1 per cent, if redeemed within 15 days. 

Tax implications

Returns are taxed at 15 per cent if an investor redeems before one year, and after 12 months, investors are required to pay an LTCG tax of 10 per cent on returns of Rs 1 lakh plus in a financial year.

(With inputs from PTI and Groww)

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