The Download: Chatting with the politician behind the AI Act, and how to watch the eclipse

Dragoș Tudorache is one of the most important players in European AI policy. He is one of the two lead negotiators of the AI Act in the European Parliament—the first sweeping AI law of its kind in the world, which will enter into force this year.

Shepherding the Act into its final form has been a wild ride, with intense negotiations, the rise of ChatGPT, lobbying from tech companies, and a flip-flopping by some of Europe’s largest economies. But now, as it’s passed into law, Tudorache’s job on it is done and dusted, and he has no regrets. 


Melissa Heikkilä, our senior AI reporter, sat down with Tudorache at an AI conference just outside Brussels to hear more about why he believes the landmark law will change the AI sector for the better. Check out the rest of their conversation.

Dragoș Tudorache will be speaking at Emtech Digital London on April 16-17. It’s the first time our flagship AI conference has come to the UK. It’s not too late to get in-person and digital tickets—and Download readers are entitled to an exclusive discount. We’d love to see you there!

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