NSE Q4 results: Profit rises 20% to Rs 2,488 crore

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Friday reported a 20 per cent year-on-year increase in consolidated net profit at Rs 2,488 crore for three months ended March 2024.

The consolidated operating revenues stood at Rs 4,625 crore for the January-March quarter of the financial year 2023-24, marking a surge of 34 per cent year-on-year, NSE said in a statement.


Apart from trading, the total revenue was also supported by other revenue lines, including listing, index services, data services and co-location facility, the exchange added. NSE Board has recommended a dividend of Rs 90 per share (pre-bonus) for the fiscal year ended 2023-24, amounting to a pay-out of Rs 4,455 crore.

Also, the board has recommended the issue of 4 bonus shares for existing 1 share held. This is subject to necessary approvals from shareholders and regulators for increase in authorised share capital.

On the trading volumes front, cash markets recorded an average daily traded volumes (ADTVs) of Rs 1,11,687 crore (up 127 percent YoY), the equity futures reached an ADTV of Rs 1,79,840 crore (up 60 percent YoY) and equity options (premium value) ADTVs stood at Rs 75,572 crore (up 27 percent YoY) for the quarter ended March 2024.

On a standalone basis, NSE reported standalone net profit of Rs 1,856 crore for the fourth quarter ended on March 31, 2024 as compared to Rs 1,810 crore for the year-ago period.

It’s total operating income surged 25 per cent to Rs 4,123 crore for Q4 FY24, from Rs 3,295 crore for the corresponding quarter last year.

During the FY24, NSE contributed Rs 43,514 crore to the exchequer, which comprised STT (Securities Transaction Tax) of Rs 34,381 crore, income tax (Rs 3,275 crore), stamp duty (Rs 2,833 crore), GST (Rs 1,868 crore) and Sebi charges (Rs 1,157 crore).

Out of the STT of Rs 34,381 crore, 60 per cent is from the cash market segment and the remaining 40 per cent is from the equity derivatives segment.

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