Kashmir’s carpet artisans claim to have made Asia’s largest hand knotted carpet

After Srinagar was designated among the creative cities in the world, Kashmir Valley’s artisans are making sure to live up to the expectations of this title. In a village called Wayil in North Kashmir’s Kralpora area, a team of Kashmiri artisans has unveiled a masterpiece touted as Asia’s largest handcrafted carpet.

This hand-knotted Kashmiri carpet is 72 feet by 40 feet, covering a vast area of 2,880 square feet. It took over 25 artisans around eight long years to complete this masterpiece. The whole carpet industry of Kashmir Valley takes pride in its creation. The intricate weaving of this exceptional carpet was overseen by two seasoned veterans of the craft, Fayaz Ahmed Shah and Abdul Gaffar Sheikh, whose unwavering dedication ensured the completion of this monumental piece despite various challenges.



 ”This was an order by someone from our country only. This carpet is 72 feet long and 40 feet broad, and we have never made such a big carpet in the Kashmir Valley ever. We had to put our minds to a lot of things as it required a huge loom to be woven on. It was a big challenge and thank god it’s been finally completed. I am sure it will be sold abroad, and I am sure that in future we will make something bigger than this, ” said Fayaz Ahmed Shah, a craft dealer.  

The last eight years of weaving this masterpiece have not been smooth. There have been multiple obstacles that the artisans faced particularly the COVID-19 Pandemic. The lockdowns led to a lot of supply chain-related disruptions.

This carpet has written a new chapter for Kashmir’s rich legacy of art and craft. The valley which is famous for its Pashmina Shawls and Silk Carpets has now found a new course with the creation of this masterpiece. And according to the craft dealers, hundreds of artisans are returning back to looms to pick up carpet weaving again.


”We have artisans coming back to us after this carpet was made. Around 226 artisans have come back to us and said that they want to work again. We just hope the way any employees get paid; it has to be the same and equal wages for them as well. Our artisans need to have a life of dignity and they should be able to afford their families… I am telling you they will never leave the work if they are paid well. This is a teamwork. From the designs to artisans, everyone has worked very hard for the making of this masterpiece, ” Shah added.

As this masterpiece becomes a symbol of Kashmir’s craftsmanship and artistic prowess, it has also become a ray of hope for the revitalization and recognition of local artisans and their invaluable contributions to preserving the cultural heritage of the region.

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