IPhone 16 Pro: New feature will reportedly fix this annoying camera issue

We still haven’t seen the iPhone 16, but we keep learning more about it every week.

This week’s revelation is that the cameras on the iPhone 16 Pro might feature a small, but meaningful, improvement over last year’s models. According to an aggregator called “yeux1122” on the Korean news platform Naver (as spotted by MacRumors), Apple is using advanced manufacturing techniques to improve future iPhone cameras.


To be more specific, Apple is reportedly looking into using atomic layer deposition (or ALD) equipment for making iPhone cameras. In layman’s terms, that would allow Apple to put anti-reflective coatings on its cameras. This would theoretically fix iPhone camera issues like lens flare and ghosting, which can happen when shooting directly at or behind a bright light source.

In other words, Apple would be killing a couple birds with one stone at the hardware level. This may not be a flashy feature to be advertised in press releases or trailers, but it’s a small improvement that iPhone photographers would probably enjoy. However, as MacRumors pointed out, this could potentially be something Apple introduces next year instead of with the iPhone 16.

We’ll find out in September.

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