Ideogram Pro launches with 12K fast AI image generations monthly

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While the big AI model providers such as Adobe and Meta continue to upgrade their AI image generation offerings, the smaller, dedicated startups are also adding new features in a bid to stay competitive.


Today, one of those smaller startups —  Ideogram, based in Toronto, Canada, and founded by former Google Brain researchers — has announced a new Pro paid subscription tier catered toward its “most active creators” and “professional creators.”

The Pro tier costs $48 per month when billed annually ($60 if billed monthly), and joins existing Free, Basic ($7 per month billed annually) and Plus ($16 per month annually) tiers, as shown on Ideogram’s pricing website.

Like the Plus plan, the Pro plan gives subscribers the ability to keep their generations private from the community and Ideogram’s public feeds, and to upload their own images to remix them.

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But it comes with a few major improvements over Ideogram’s other paid offerings — foremost among them, the fact that subscribers can submit up to 3,000 text prompts to Ideogram’s proprietary AI image generation web app/site that will all be prioritized for fast image generation — taking less than 15 seconds to generate up to 4 images at a time, for a total of 12,000 fast generated images each month.

The lower tier plans offer zero, 400, and 1,000 prompts for fast generation prioritization, respectively.

Intriguingly, Ideogram also notes that it will soon allow users to upload prompts in bulk in CSV (comma separated values, or spreadsheet) format, meaning that instead of manually typing in each prompt, hitting enter, waiting for that set of 4 images to generate, and more — the user could simply enter them all into a CSV file, upload it, and Ideogram will generate all of those images in due time.

This could potentially be a major time saver and streamline image generation options for Pro subscribers.

Imagery generated on Ideogram does not come with indemnification for enterprises — unlike that which is offered by OpenAI and Adobe — so users worried about potential copyright infringement with their generations may be less inclined to depend on the tool for commercial projects such as advertising, marketing, sales collateral etc. (Like most other leading AI model providers and startups, Ideogram has not disclosed the specifics of its AI training data set.)

But, Ideogram does seem to allow for commercial usage based on its terms-of-service, and it has long offered one major capability that remains lacking or less consistent in other rival AI image generators: stylized text and typography generation within the images themselves — such as generating signage, logo text, T-shirt inscriptions, etc.

Users can sign up for the Ideogram Pro plan beginning today.

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