Grab a lifetime subscription to Babbel for less than $150

TL;DR: Through April 30, you can get a lifetime subscription to the award-winning language-learning app Babbel for only $149.97 (reg. $599), no coupon needed.

Not all language classes are the same. The foreign language classes you were mandated to take back in high school? They’re not nearly as dynamic as the lessons doled out by apps today. If you’ve always found it intimidating to pick up a new language, take this Babbel sale as a sign to take the plunge.


Babbel is an award-winning platform that makes learning less overwhelming. It packages lessons into 10 to 15-minute chunks you can squeeze into your day, all while offering personalized review sessions to help you retain what you’ve learned. Through April 30, you can grab a lifetime subscription, which lets you learn up to 14 languages for only $149.97.

Available on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any mobile device, Babbel grants you the flexibility to learn whenever, wherever. It packs over 10,000 hours of language education, spread across 14 languages. Want to learn how to order a baguette in French? Or how about a plate of carbonara in Italian? Whichever language you pick, you’ll get to learn it without needing to clear hours of your weekend.

Instead of focusing solely on grammar and vocabulary, Babbel primarily focuses on language skills you can use in real life, from transportation and dining to shopping and asking for directions. Speech-recognition technology is also integrated into the platform to hone your pronunciation.

Thanks to the science-backed lessons developed by over 100 expert linguists from the likes of Yale University, City University of New York, and Michigan State University, within as little as a month, you could be holding down conversations with native speakers with confidence.

And in case you’re not confident about your memorization skills, you can always take review sessions to help your newfound knowledge stick.

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Dive into a new language with a lifetime subscription to Babbel, only $149.97 (reg. $599) through April 30.

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