Egrag Crypto tips XRP to surge by 1000% – 3000%; Solana endures tough time as KangaMoon surpasses $5m

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Check out the analyst’s prediction on XRP as Solana begins to fall and KangaMoon continuously rises.


After a momentous early 2024, where Solana crossed the $200 threshold, the bear effect has finally caught up with the token, taking it down considerably. In the meantime, top crypto analyst Egrag Crypto believes XRP’s next rally could be between 1000% and 3000%.

KangaMoon is also in the top tokens category after raising $5M in the ongoing presale. With its innovative approach, the KANG token is currently one of the best meme coins to buy now.

KangaMoon presale reaches $5m despite market correction

With Solana and XRP battling the bear trend, KangaMoon is holding out as one of the top meme coins in the market, showcasing an incredible price surge. In what started at a presale price of $0.005, KangaMoon has jumped to $0.0196 within a few weeks, giving early adopters a 290% return on their investment.

Notably, investors are moving en masse to this project, witnessing its historic features of the GameFI and SocialFi meme coin combination. Not only that, investors are showing interest in KangaMoon because of its reward mechanisms. As one of the top meme coins around, Holders of the KANG native token, which is at the 5th stage of the presale, can earn additional tokens through simple social tasks. 

Also, gamers who showcase their skills and win the various weekly, monthly, and quarterly gaming challenges will be rewarded with huge prizes and giveaways. The platform gives spectators a way of earning through betting and predictions. The platform subscribers are currently above 20k, with holders nearing 7k, further strengthening the image of the project.

For interested investors, there is a 10% bonus available when they purchase at this price. Before the end of April, KangaMoon is targeting $7M in presale, which means there is a high scramble to purchase the token. With these exciting opportunities for investors, KangaMoon is one of the best meme coins to buy now for huge profits in the year.

Egrag Crypto backs XRP to surge by 1000%-3000%

If the prediction of Egrag Crypto is anything to go by, XRP holders may be set for a massive profit in 2024. In its X post, the crypto analyst remains bullish on the XRP token, providing a cause for optimism in light of the recent price slump. 

Furthermore, Egrag advised investors to hold on to XRP as the buyers begin to rally again for the token. He offers that the buyer’s activities could result in a minimum of 100% increase and, in the best case, a 3000% increase for patient holders at the bull run.

Solana down after a meteoric early 2024

After its massive jump in early 2024 to $200, the prevailing bearish sentiment has caught up with Solana, with the token losing by 16% and 20%, respectively, across the weekly and monthly charts. However, analysts remain unshaken in their belief in the token’s future progression.

Although the Solana price may be currently at a descending level, its status as the 5th largest crypto based on the market cap is a key figure that is swaying investors. On the flip side, this dip provides an opportunity for interested buyers to jump in before it pumps again.

To learn more about this project, visit the KangaMoon presale website or join the community.

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