Bitcoin to hit $650k; Terra Classic pool balance hits 5B as NuggetRush gains momentum 

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Crypto analyst Will Woo has predicted that the value of Bitcoin could surge as high as $650k under bullish conditions. 


Terra Classic’s community pool balance has hit a new all-time high of 5 billion LUNC. NuggetRush’s gaming platform has become the talk of the town due to its play-to-earn concept. 

A crypto analyst has given a bullish forecast that Bitcoin’s value could skyrocket to $650k in bullish scenarios. Meanwhile, the Terra Classic community pool balance has reached an impressive milestone, hitting a record high of 5 billion LUNC.

In addition, NuggetRush’s gaming platform has been generating buzz among investors. The top DeFi project has adopted a play-to-earn model that allows players to earn rewards while playing games. 

NuggetRush (NUGX) introduces unique play-to-earn gaming concept 

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a gaming project that stands out due to its 3D mining adventure game. It offers gamers a unique opportunity to engage in artisanal mining and accumulate different assets – free tokens, popular NFTs, and digital collectibles. In NuggetRush’s mining game, players face mining challenges to extract and sell mineral resources on the game’s marketplace.

It also provides entertainment and contributes to global artisanal mining communities in underdeveloped countries. A portion of the rewards are allocated to support artisanal mining communities in the areas. 

Community-focused, NuggetRush’s design delegates control of its smart contracts to the community. It allows them to be a part of the platform’s governance process. In addition, the NFT staking feature makes NuggetRush one of the best alt tokens to buy. This provides players with a potential 20% annual percentage yield (APY) by staking their NFTs.

The blockchain ICO of the project that was conducted just recently attracted massive attention from investors, and as a result, more than 270 million tokens were sold, and $3.8 million was raised. With a listing value of $0.020 and a potential surge to $1.00, NUGX has the potential to lead the GameFi sector.

Bitcoin (BTC) predicted to reach $650k

Renowned Bitcoin (BTC) analyst and expert Willy Woo has projected the price trajectory of the leading cryptocurrency over the course of the next few months. The analyst’s forecast rallies based on the growth and popularity of Spot ETFs, not on the long-awaited Bitcoin halving.

According to Woo’s analysis, the expansion of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in other markets can make BTC’s price reach $91,000 after the recent crypto crash. Nevertheless, at the peak of the bull market, Bitcoin could explode to new heights, up to $650,000. This makes Bitcoin a good crypto to buy for significant profits in 2024.

Terra Classic (LUNC) hits new milestone 

The Terra Luna Classic community pool balance has reached a new milestone, now standing at an all-time high of 5 billion LUNC. Currently, the community pool holds 5,005,468,596 LUNC and 11,803,526 USTC, according to the latest data provided by StakeBin.

This is a significant achievement for the community as more funds are left for developers and other contributors. Regrettably, they have not utilized the funds to the fullest. DevNet activity in the Network has been sluggish in the past year. In addition, the current price of Terra Classic has dropped by 21.3% year to date.

Closing thoughts 

The possible surge of Bitcoin to $650,000 and Terra Classic’s remarkable pool balance are good news for the crypto community. In addition, NuggetRush has emerged as the best new crypto to invest in, with an exciting platform that could transform the GameFi sector.

To learn more about this project, visit the NuggetRush presale website

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