Al Ain Sports Club and Saal AI Join Forces to Lead AI Transformation in Sports

In a groundbreaking move, Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club (AASCC) has partnered with Saal AI to propel itself into the digital era, using the DigiXT Smart Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Platform.

AASCC, celebrated for its sporting legacy and dedication to excellence, recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of technological innovation. To achieve this, they partnered with Saal, a renowned expert in digital transformation and the creator of a remarkable “Made in UAE” Big Data and AI platform – DigiXT.


This partnership promises to enhance AASCC’s operational efficiency and strategic decision-making while delivering an enriched experience for athletes and fans. It stands as a pioneering initiative in the region, leveraging advanced technologies, Big Data, and AI to cement AASCC’s reputation as a leader in the sports domain.

H.E. Dr. Saeed AlGhfeli, CEO of Technology at Saal shareholder Abu Dhabi Capital Group, lauded the partnership, emphasizing Saal’s dedication to producing ‘Made in UAE’ advanced innovations aligned with the UAE Leadership Vision, and looked forward to more companies utilizing such home-grown technologies.

Mr. Vikram Poduval, CEO of Saal, shared his excitement, stating, “We are delighted to embark on this digital transformation journey with Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club. AASCC’s unwavering commitment to excellence is truly inspiring, and we look forward to supporting them in leveraging the power of technology.”

This collaboration signifies AASCC’s resolute commitment to a new era of innovation and efficiency in the digital realm. As the digital transformation unfolds, it is evident that Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club is poised to redefine its future, both on and off the field.

About Saal:

Saal is a leading provider of digital solutions with a focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The company is dedicated to helping clients across various industries achieve their goals through digital transformation.

About Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club:

Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club (AASCC) is a prominent sports club with a rich history of excellence, committed to promoting sports and cultural development while delivering exceptional experiences to athletes, fans, and the community.

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