With Rs 6500 crore dedicated budget in 2024-25, railway can achieve 100% electrification: Officials

A dedicated budget of Rs 65,00 crore as allocated in 2024-25 can help achieve complete electrification of the rail network, senior railway officials said, highlighting the recent achievement of 95 per cent electrification of Broad Gauge.

“With a dedicated budget of Rs 6,500 Crores during FY 2024-25 for further electrification projects, India remains committed to achieving complete electrification. This will not only revolutionise the railway system but also contribute significantly to the country’s sustainability goals,” a senior railway official said.


He added, “The electrification programme is not just about environmental benefits. It’s a catalyst for economic growth. It creates jobs during construction, reduces dependence on imported fossil fuels, and positions Indian Railways as a modern and efficient engine of the nation’s economy.” Railway officials maintain that India is making significant strides towards a sustainable future by rapidly electrifying its vast network.

The Railways has electrified 7188 route kms during 2023-24 which is a historic accomplishment and also holds immense potential for the nation’s economic and environmental well-being.

“With a massive push in electrification projects, Indian Railways has achieved nearly 95% electrification of its Broad Gauge (BG) network. 21 States and UTs have seamless traction facility which is a significant achievement for Indian Railways, the national transporter of India,” another senior official said.

He added, “Diesel locomotives have dominated Indian Railways for decades. However, electric trains offer a cleaner and more efficient alternative. Electricity powers the trains, eliminating dependence on fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The shift to electric traction is projected to cut carbon emissions by a significant 24% by 2027-28.” Some of the important sections which were electrified during FY 2023-24, include Ahmedabad-Rajkot-Okha (499 Kms), Bengaluru-Talguppa (371 Kms) and Bhatinda-Firozpur-Jalandhar (301 Kms).

“Over 42,000 kilometers of tracks have been electrified in the last decade alone, bringing the total electrified network to an impressive 95% of the broad-gauge network,” the official said.

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