Scopely co-CEOs will address Monopoly Go’s success at GamesBeat Summit 2024

We’re pleased to announced that the top leaders of Scopely will talk at the GamesBeat Summit 2024 event about the enormous success of Monopoly Go, a hit mobile game that generated $2 billion in revenue just 10 months after launch.


Walter Driver and Javier Ferreira, co-CEOs of Scopely, and chief revenue officer Tim O’Brien will speak on a panel at our summit, which takes place in Los Angeles on May 20-21 at the Marina del Rey Marriott. You can also sign up here to attend using You can get 25% off with this discount code: gbs24dean25.

(Brian Ward, CEO of Savvy Games Group, the mobile game company that Savvy Games Group bought for $4.9 billion a year ago — will also speak at GamesBeat Summit). Monopoly Go’s is pretty rare at a time when much of the game industry has been suffering through layoffs.

But it’s a sign that while times are challenging, there are still rewards for companies that persevere. Monopoly Go took a total of seven years to come to the market, and its success is an example of resilience and adaptation, which is the theme of our conference.

GB Event

GamesBeat Summit Call for Speakers

We’re thrilled to open our call for speakers to our flagship event, GamesBeat Summit 2024 hosted in Los Angeles, where we will explore the theme of “Resilience and Adaption”.

Apply to speak here

Javier Ferreira (left) and Walter Driver are co-CEOs of Scopely.
Javier Ferreira (left) and Walter Driver are co-CEOs of Scopely.

The game had a tough gestation, with development stretching across seven years. Scopely has 2,300 employees, and that gives you a sense of scale of game development. This is the kind of bet that companies are making in the modern age of gaming.

Women in Gaming Breakfast and Diversity in Gaming lunch

Rachel Kaser is a GamesBeat writer.
Rachel Kaser is a GamesBeat writer.

And we’re also proud to note we will have another Women in Gaming Breakfast at the summit on the morning of May 21, sponsored by Xsolla. And we’ll also have a Diversity in Gaming lunch on May 21.

Indie game devs at companies with fewer than 25 people can sign up here. And for the first time we have an indie sponsorship package listed for Rising Stars.

Rachel Kaser, GamesBeat writer, will once again moderate a panel for the breakfast. We’re still figuring out the exact topic and panelists for the session during the breakfast, which is focused on women.

We’re also happy to have key women speakers at our event, including Lisa Cosmas Hanson, president of Niko Partners will moderate the session with Brian Ward, the CEO of Savvy Games Group.

Our speakers include Rachel Kaser, GamesBeat; Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat; Jordan Fragen, GamesBeat; Purnendu Mukherjee, Founder and CEO of Convai; Caroline Stokes, founder/executive coach of Forward; Mark Chandler, founder of TIGS; Songyee Yoon, president and CSO of NCSoft; Alex Seropian, CEO of Look North World; Ed Fries, general partner at 1Up Ventures; Eric Goldberg, cofounder Playable Worlds; Kim Kunes, general manager, Xbox Trust & Safety at Microsoft; Mike Morhaime, CEO of Dreamhaven; Cynthia Williams, president, Wizards of the Coast; Alina Soltys, cofounder of Quantum Tech Partners; Amir Satvat, Tencent; Lisa Cosmas Hanson, president of Niko Partners; Jim Huntley, associate professor at USC School of cinematic arts; and Jia Shen, who cofounded RockYou.

Return to Los Angeles

GamesBeat Summit 2024 is May 20-21.
GamesBeat Summit 2024 is May 20-21.

Last year, our event in Los Angeles at the Marina del Rey Marriott drew more than 900 people. We’ll shoot for a more intimate audience this year, but we remain committed to getting some of the most interesting speakers in the gaming world, including fresh faces.

Our conference will address how to adapt to a rapidly changing world, and will address big topics like GenAI, cross-media adaptations (games and Hollywood), and the challenge of layoffs in an industry that is becoming part of mainstream culture.

As Matthew Ball noted in a long piece on the game industry, gaming has strong secular tailwinds that signal good years ahead. The new generation of kids plays a lot of games and they’re replacing generations that rarely played games. Players are getting access to more platforms with access to quality games.

Gaming culture is being elevated to the mainstream, and gaming is evolving as an art and tech platform. Access to high-quality gaming devices continues to improve. Gaming culture continues to proliferate, and the art form of gaming continues to evolve. But these tailwinds do not guarantee that every year will see uninterrupted growth, significant growth, or profitable growth.

Robert Kirkman spoke publicly for the first time since the pandemic at GamesBeat Summit 2023.
Robert Kirkman spoke publicly for the first time since the pandemic at GamesBeat Summit 2023.

In other words, growth isn’t guaranteed. We have to work at it. We’ll bring the top minds in the industry to discuss these topics in an interactive format.

You can pitch us on speakers/sponsorships at this link.

We appreciate the support of our sponsors including our longtime partners Xsolla, Playtika, Modulate, TikTok, Scopely, Fastspring and Heroic Labs. But we could use more support to make the conference into a great event that will be as memorable as last year’s event, which featured Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. You can contact us for sponsorship information here.

The gaming media has struggled as well. We are not immune to that, but I believe our events have a real community following and something special to offer. I hope you’ll all continue to see value in supporting GamesBeat as it also supports the game industry.

We could also use sponsor support and speakers for our other events, including GamesBeat Next on October 28 to October 29 in San Francisco and GamesBeat at the Game Awards on December 12. We’ll be launching signups for those events as well. Our sponsorship team is at [email protected].

My upcoming posts will be about the Visionary Awards, the young CEOs panel and job finding guru Amir Satvat.

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