Meta launches enhanced Gen AI features – Here’s how it will help businesses grow

Meta has launched enhanced generative AI features, such as full image and text generation, to help businesses grow. According to Meta, the goal is to help advertisers at every step of the journey. The new feature will help them in many ways, whether that’s improving ad performance by helping develop creative variations or automating certain parts of the ad creation process.

Generative AI: Image Generation

First-time businesses can create full image variations inspired by the original ad creative with text overlay capabilities, building on capabilities to generate new backgrounds around product images and expanding images to better fit multiple surfaces. 


“For instance, a coffee bean business advertising a savouring cup of coffee will be able to use Meta’s generative AI to create other variations of backgrounds, including settings that embody a lush and idyllic farm, and also provide adjustments to the coffee cup to offer more creative options. This feature has already started to roll out, and in the coming months, businesses will also be able to provide text prompts to help better tailor the creative variations,” Meta explained. 

In addition, businesses will now have the ability to apply text overlay to images. Lastly, image expansion, a feature that allows businesses to seamlessly adjust creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across multiple surfaces, is now available on Reels and Feed across both Instagram and Facebook and can now work seamlessly with text overlays on ads.

Generative AI: Text Generation

The text generation feature creates variations for the ad headline in addition to the primary text. Meta is currently testing the ability of the generated text to reflect the brands’ voice and tone, by highlighting key selling points based on their previous campaigns and text input.  

This feature will soon be built with Meta Llama 3, the next generation of Meta’s large language models, which will enable new capabilities and enhance ad performance.

Meta has begun rolling out these updated generative AI features and aims to make them available globally by the end of the year.

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