Iran launches massive aerial attack on Israel

Iran launched a massive aerial attack on Israel overnight. According to Israeli sources that spoke to “The New York Times”, Iran fired 110 ground-to-ground missiles, and launched 185 UAVs and 35 cruise missiles, mots of them from Iranian territory but some from Yemen and Iraq. It was the biggest such attack Israel has ever had to deal with. 99% of the threats were intercepted, and the Iranians, who sought to hit a military installation, ultimately succeeded only in causing light damage to a base in the south of Israel. Nevertheless, air-raid sirens sounded several times in the Dimona area, where Israel’s nuclear facility is located, and a ten year-old Bedouin child was severely injured by the fallout from an interception.


The many successful interceptions were thanks to Israel’s multi-layered air defense array, from the short-range Iron Dome system to the David’s Sling, Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 systems, but also to assistance from others. US forces intercepted some of the threats, while British combat aircraft took off from the RAF base at Akrotiri in Cyprus to shoot down additional threats. Jordanian forces also intercepted threats over Jordanian territory aimed at Israel. Israel’s war cabinet has been authorized to decide on response, while Iran has warned countries of the region against allowing Israel to attack Iran from their territories.

The Iranian attack follows an airstrike on a building near the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1, in which several members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard were killed, among them two generals. The Iranian government  vowed that it would avenge the deaths. 

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, “Attacking military bases in Israel is legitimate defense under the UN charter,” referring to the killing of Hassan Mahdawi, the commander of the Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, in the April 1 airstrike. “We stress our determination to defend assertively our sovereignty, unity, and national interests against any aggression. We will not hesitate to take further defensive steps to safeguard our interests against any aggression.” Despite the threatening declarations, Israeli sources have already sent the message that the response to the attack that caused 727 air-raid warnings will be severe and, according to “The New York Times”, will be coordinated with Israel’s allies.

Israel’s airspace, which was closed just before midnight last night, was reopened at 8:00 this morning, and air traffic is gradually returning to normal.

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