iPad Air 2024: It’s not even out yet, but there’s already a case for it on Amazon

The new iPad Air announcement is expected to come any day now.

Rumors have been flying around for months about new iPad models supposedly dropping in the near future, but 9to5Mac spotted pretty irrefutable evidence of at least one new model over the weekend.


Device accessory maker ESR posted some new iPad cases on its Amazon storefront — and some of them are labeled for 2024 iPad Air models in a 12.9-inch size.

In other words, those would be for the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air that’s supposed to come out soon (in addition to the familiar 10.9-inch variant). As 9to5Mac pointed out, these are third-party products. That means Apple didn’t make them, and they could theoretically be off the mark, but given that accessory makers are given product specs ahead of time, that’s not likely to be the case.

The 12.9-inch Air (which is rumored to have a new mini-LED display) is one of four rumored iPads that will launch imminently. It’s joined by another smaller iPad Air and two new iPad Pro models, which could finally bring OLED displays to the iPad family. We could finally hear about them from Apple itself within the next few weeks, days, or potentially even minutes. You never know.

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