Gujarat Toolroom to set up Rs 572.5 crore hybrid-green energy power plant

Gujarat Toolroom Ltd (GTL) has announced plans to set up a Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant project. The Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant will come with a total project cost of Rs 572.5 crore. 

This comprehensive investment encompasses various critical components, including Rs 6.5 crore for land acquisition, Rs 150 crore for state-of-the-art solar panels, Rs 225 crore for cutting-edge wind turbines, Rs 45 crore for robust cables and wiring infrastructure, Rs 6 crore for transformers, and Rs 140 crores allocated for other essential infrastructures and skilled manpower costs.


The project’s innovative design and efficient operational framework promise to deliver sustainable energy solutions while enhancing shareholder value over the long term.

At the heart of the Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant lies a sophisticated combination of solar panels and wind turbines, harnessing abundant natural resources to maximize energy production. 

Spanning 60 acres, the solar panels boast an impressive capacity to produce 1MW per hour each, while 15 meticulously positioned on-shore wind turbines generate an additional 2.5 MW per unit. 

This harmonious integration of renewable energy sources results in a formidable total output of 97.5 MW per hour, ensuring reliable and sustainable power generation for years to come.

With the cost of electricity in Gujarat averaging around Rs 4 per kWh, the project stands poised to generate substantial revenue streams. A conservative estimate places the daily revenue projection at an Rs 46,80,000, translating to an annual profit estimate of Rs 145.82 crores after accounting for operational costs.  

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