Bitcoin maxis could shield the market from Mt. Gox sell-off effects, suggests expert

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As the Mt. Gox exchange prepares to release billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC), market analysts speculate on the potential for a sell-off that could depress Bitcoin prices. Despite these concerns, industry leaders posit that Bitcoin maximalists and long-term holders might mitigate any significant market downturn.


Approximately 142,000 BTC, valued at over $9 billion, and 143,000 BCH, are slated for distribution to creditors by October as part of the repayment plan from the infamous hack. While the payouts are a boon for creditors, they pose a risk of triggering sell-offs, potentially affecting Bitcoin’s price.

Brad Howell of Keyrock UK downplays the Mt. Gox issue, asserting the market’s capacity to absorb the $9 billion sell-off. Howell encourages a rational perspective, considering the early adopters affected by Mt. Gox are likely Bitcoin maximalists.

“It is fair to assume that anyone who had assets in Mt. Gox is an early adopter and more likely to lean towards the Bitcoin maxi end of the spectrum,” Howell told DL News. “Don’t expect large volumes of Bitcoin to sell off on day one.”

Brian Dixon, CEO of crypto hedge fund Off The Chain Capital, which has acquired a stake in Mt. Gox, echoes Brad Howell’s cautious approach.

Dixon stated they would carefully consider selling the Bitcoin they receive from Mt. Gox repayments. However, he added, “that doesn’t mean we’re going to try to sell all at once.”

Dixon also revealed plans to potentially buy more Bitcoin and other cryptos when the market dips.

Commenting on the matter, Brian Redick, senior strategist at GSR, said the repayment’s impact would likely depend on how the funds are returned.

“This will weigh on the market once repatriation picks up in earnest or the market starts to pay more attention to it,” said Redick.

The timing of the repayments is uncertain. While all refunds are due by October 31, they may not be distributed simultaneously, and they are split into different categories.

David Duong, head of research at Coinbase, suggested that a massive Bitcoin sell-off is improbable, though the anticipation of refunds could dampen market liquidity.

The Mt. Gox trustee has reached out to creditors to verify their identities and the continued existence of their designated crypto exchange accounts. These accounts, held on platforms such as Bitstamp and Kraken, will be utilized to facilitate the forthcoming repayments of BTC and BCH.

Creditors have also reported receiving official communications from the trustee, confirming the designated exchange accounts as the recipients for the BTC and BCH distributions.

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