Binance’s web3 wallet adds support for 35 new dApps 

Binance recently completed integrating 35 new decentralized applications into its web3 wallet.

Popular platforms such as Aevo, Ambient Finance, and BAC Games have been added as new additions. The update allows users to directly access and interact with a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps) for various purposes, including gaming, finance, and trading, through the wallet.


The Web3 Wallet bridges the exchange with web3 applications, offering functionalities like multi-blockchain interaction, token trading, and yield-earning opportunities. 

Earlier today, the platform announced a stricter KYC process for its Link Program. The exchange aims to align more closely with regulatory standards after its recent charges in the U.S. and potential bans in regions like Nigeria and the Philippines.  

The Binance Link Program is an initiative designed to enable enterprise clients and business partners to integrate and leverage its advanced technology, liquidity, and comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem for growth and expansion. Users in the program can build their services and offerings on top of the platform’s infrastructure. 

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