5th Scape (5SCAPE) VR project presale hits $4M milestone

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5th Scape (5SCAPE), a blockchain-based VR platform has surpassed the $4m milestone in its ongoing presale.


With immersive games, cutting-edge hardware, and even a decentralized creator marketplace, 5th Scape is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious plays in the metaverse space this year.

Investors flock to the 5th Scape presale 

5thScape’s presale has been generating immense buzz lately. The presale is now in Stage 4 and rapidly approaching the stage’s fundraising target of $5 million.

At the time of writing, early-bird investors can buy 5SCAPE tokens for just $0.00285 – a 14% discount on the price that will be offered in Stage 5.

Notably, those who buy now will even receive a 250% discount on the planned exchange listing price of $0.01.

It’s no surprise that this limited-time offer has investors worldwide clamouring to get involved in 5th Scape’s presale.

In the last few hours, buy orders have poured in from countries like South Africa, Australia, and South Korea.

One investor from Spain even snagged over $1,000 worth of 5SCAPE tokens.

This buying activity has led to rapid growth on 5th Scape’s social media channels.

Over 17,500 people are active in 5th Scape’s Telegram server, while the project’s Twitter page boasts 12,800 followers. 5th Scape has even nabbed the 3rd spot on CoinSniper’s list of upcoming crypto launches.

What is 5th Scape?

So, what exactly is 5th Scape, and why has it generated so much buzz?

Simply put, 5th Scape aims to be more than just a VR platform – it’s set to be a gateway to a whole new dimension of gaming and entertainment.

The 5th Scape ecosystem will feature diverse VR experiences, from the adrenaline-fueled combat of Cage Conquest to the high-speed thrills of Thrust Hunter.

But that’s not all – there will also be next-gen equipment, like the VR Ultra headset and the SwiftScape VR chair, to take immersion to the next level.

The entire ecosystem will be powered by the native 5SCAPE token, which rewards holders with in-game perks, early access to new content, and a say in the platform’s future development.

However, the 5th Scape team isn’t just focusing on the gamers.

They’re also launching a decentralized marketplace powered by 5SCAPE to encourage third-party developers to build on the platform.

With all these elements coming together, it’s easy to see why 5th Scape’s presale has been such a smash hit.

And with the project’s whitepaper hinting at even more exciting plans down the line, early 5SCAPE investors could be in for a wild ride.

Big names back 5SCAPE’s future price potential

Interestingly, the buzz around 5th Scape isn’t just limited to presale investors.

Prominent YouTubers have also begun to take notice, drawn in by the project’s unique blend of VR experiences and advanced hardware.

For example, YouTuber Oscar Ramos described 5th Scape as “everything I look for in a presale.”

Furthermore, 5th Scape has undergone a thorough audit by blockchain security specialists Coinsult to build investor confidence, adding another layer of legitimacy to the project.

These factors, combined with the massive growth forecasts for the VR gaming sector, put 5th Scape in a fantastic position.

Although success in the crypto market is never guaranteed, 5th Scape seems to have ticked all the boxes and is building momentum early on.

To learn more about this project, visit the 5th Scape presale website

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